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8515 is a multicultural creative agency based in Dallas and Baltimore. We offer branding, marketing, public relations, event planning, creative direction, styling, makeup, casting, and consulting. We specialize in working multicultural brands and women owned businesses.

We focus on connecting our clients with their target consumers through a unique marketing mix to increase engagement and sales. We work with fashion, beauty, music, art, food/drink/hospitality, travel, and lifestyle brands.

As far as clients, we have worked with K Jones, Eye-IV-Style, The Viela Group, Y-Clad, The Fund Forum of Arts and Culture Uzbekistan, Latin Fashion Week, Paris Hatcher, and Addison Wright. We provide our clients with a customized, strategic approach that is tailor made to fit their wants and needs. 

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Event Planning: The 8515 Experience

8515 plans original events so that attendees leave feeling inspired, empowered, informed, and entertained. We believe that events offer an opportunity to invite social media savvy consumers, influencers, and tastemakers to experience a brand as well as its products and services. Furthermore, we understand that events bring people together.

Therefore our goal is to help event attendees cultivate new friendships, network to gain new business connections, and reunite with their peers. Simultaneously, our mission with each event is to highlight what makes the brand special and give attendees an exclusive experience.

In essence, we focus on creating unique events to maximize engagement, media coverage, and social media buzz. Since 2010, we have produced over 15 events including Pensgiving and Flavor’s Night Out

We plan a variety of events including:

  • Social Events: Dinner parties, galas, brunches, etc.
  • Creative Events: Fashion shows, art exhibitions, pop up shops, etc.
  • Educational Events: Workshops, seminars, classes
  • Business Events: Networking events, meetings, conferences
  • Music Events: Album listening parties, concerts, live shows
  • Food/Drink Events: Brunches, wine tastings, beer samplings, etc.
  • Private Events: Birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, etc.
  • Multicultural Events: Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Hispanic Heritage, etc.
  • Media/Press Events: Blogger events, press conferences, press tours, desk sides
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Marketing: The 8515 Technique

8515 creates original, creative, chic campaigns that consumers connect with. Our campaigns are developed based on research, analytics, consumer behavior, trends, etc. Additionally, our tailor made campaigns deliver results because they are innovative and authentic.

We understand how to market a brand so that consumers see the value in their products and services. In essence, we focus on highlighting the benefits of our client’s products & services. Furthermore, we will highlight what makes your brand unique which will help you stand out from competitors.

We offer the following marketing services:

  • Social Media Marketing: This includes creating posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, designing graphics & ads, identifying which hashtags to use, etc.
  • Social Media Management: This includes managing social media accounts aka publishing posts, responding to comments, checking DMs, etc.
  • Content Marketing: This includes writing blog posts, creating an editorial calendar, creating a publishing schedule, etc.
  • Multicultural Marketing:  This includes writing a marketing strategy and creating marketing content. Please note, multicultural marketing is best for brands looking to reach African American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African consumers.
  • Millennial Marketing: This includes writing a marketing strategy and creating marketing content. Please note, millennial marketing is best for brands looking to reach 25-40 year olds.
  • Print Marketing: This includes writing copy and designing your print marketing materials aka flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Email Marketing: This includes writing a strategy for your email newsletter as well as creating and designing the newsletter. Lastly, this includes sending the newsletter to your list and identifying ways to grow your list.
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Creative Direction, Styling, & Makeup: The 8515 Look

8515 offers creative direction, styling, and makeup. We are creative souls who understand how to make products and people look as beautiful as they are. Therefore, we offer creative direction, styling, and makeup to help our clients produce original visual content. Our clients use these visuals for their website, social media, print materials, email newsletter, and more.

Additionally, we offer personal styling to assist clients in developing their own unique style. We believe that fashion can be used to express one’s creativity and personality. In essence, we help clients find pieces that will do just that. We specialize in multicultural styling because we understand the unique needs of multicultural consumers.

Our creative direction, styling, and makeup services include:

  • Creative Direction
    • Planning + Budget
    • Research  
    • Scouting + Booking: location & talent
    • Pre and Post Production
  • Styling
    • Planning + Budget
    • Research
    • Designer/PR Outreach: Creating pull requests, pitching to brands for clothing and accessories
    • Pick up & Return Coordination: Picking up clothes & accessories from designers, boutiques, showrooms as well as returning
    • Client Assessment: Learning more about the client aka why they need personal styling
    • Shopping: Purchasing pieces for the client
    • Execution: Styling the looks using clothing and accessories
  • Makeup
    • Planning + Budget
    • Research
    • Shopping: Purchasing new supplies or restocking products
    • Client Assessment:  Learning more about the client aka why they need their makeup done
    • Test shoot: Practicing executing the looks
    • Makeup Application: Applying makeup for shoot, event, or client

Please feel free to check out our portfolio here: 

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