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Originally called The Network, our Co-Owners Cacha` and Pen co-founded the agency in 2010. However, after five years of being The Network, we decided to re-brand and rename the agency 8515 (eighty-five fifteen) in 2015.

We feel like the name 8515 is fresh, funky, and oh so flyy. Being that we are multicultural, millennial women, we wanted our company name to be dope but professional. After all, we are 2 dope girls who came together to create a unique agency that is unlike any other.

As far as the 8515 technique, we start by meeting with our client to assess their needs, wants, and budget. This helps us determine which services the client needs so we can create a scope of work. Once we’ve created a scope of work, we’ll also create a proposal that outlines the project in detail.

Then we review the proposal with the client and answer any questions they may have. Once the client decides to move forward, we create an agreement that includes the scope of work and the project fee. After the legal stuff is taken care of, we start working.

We always start by creating a strategy aka a strategic plan that outlines how we’ll make the project successful. Next, we create content for campaign. Then once that’s done, we launch the campaign. After launching the campaign, we use analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, etc. to measure the success of the campaign.

Please note that each project is different so this is just a general overview. We truly believe in tailoring our services to our clients so we don’t do a one size fits all approach because every business is different. However, there are certain things we do for every client which is weekly or bi-weekly conference calls and/or meetings to plan projects, creating Analytics reports, etc.

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