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Co-Founded by Cacha & Pen, our name “8515” symbolizes the year of our birth and the year The Network was reborn as 8515. In late 2015, after 5 years of being The Network, we decided to rebrand our company by changing the name from The Network to 8515.

We feel like the name 8515 is fresh, funky, and oh so flyy. Being that we are multicultural, millennial women, we want our company name to be dope but professional. After all, we are 2 dope girls who came together to create a unique agency that is unlike any other. In essence, our goal is to show the world that we are knowledgeable, capable, hard working women who can get the job done.

Since 2010, we have worked with a variety of clients and sponsors such as The Fund Forum of Arts & Culture Uzbekistan, Latin Fashion Week, Y-Clad, K Jones Jewelry, Addison J Wright, Paris Hatcher, Fashion Illustration: A Contemporary Look at the Brooklyn Public Library, Quinque Inc, Middle Sister Wines, Durrah Jewellery, and Mixtina.

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