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Cacha` and Pen

Co-Owners of

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We are the Co-Owners of 8515. 2 dope girls who came together to create a unique agency that is unlike any other. As the Co-Owners of 8515, we’re business partners who collaborate on all projects, campaigns, and client work. We are a unique duo…educated, funny, intelligent, crazy, and oh so passionate about what we do. We fight, we debate, and we are constantly coming up with ideas.

We first met in November of 2010 while Pen was living in NYC. Since Cacha` is originally from NYC, she still has family and friends there. In fact, it was a mutual friend who introduced us. The day we met is the same day we started our business.  We instantly clicked! We sipped tea, ate some food and wrote our business plan. We shared the same ideas on how we wanted to completely change the game. We were tired of seeing no diversity in advertising and marketing campaigns that were based on stereotypes not realities. Hence why our mission is to bring El Sabor.



When we first started the agency, we had no idea what we were doing. Take our first photo shoot for example, it went terribly and we only shot 6 of the 15 dresses we pulled. The shoot ended in a major fight between us which almost ended the business #realtalk.

And what about our trip to Uzbekistan? Ever heard of Uzbekistan?! It’s in Central Asia. We flew out there for 24 hours just to cover an event called the M&TVA Awards. Yes, you read that right, we took a 17 hour flight just to be in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for one event. Now that’s what you call dedication to a client, lol!

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But seriously, over the years, we have created a diverse portfolio of work. We’ve planned events, provided branding, marketing, public relations services to clients, booked talent for projects, launched new businesses, written books, etc. We’ve seriously done it all.

When it comes to how we split our workload, Cacha` usually handles creating visuals like designing visuals like ads, social media graphics, and logos. Additionally, Cacha` oversees creative direction, styling, and casting when we produce shoots for clients’ marketing & advertising campaigns. In essence, Cacha` is a Designer, Creative Director, Stylist, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Event Planner, Publicist.

Pen usually handles copywriting which includes writing content for websites, social media, press releases, etc. Pen also writes our clients’ branding & marketing strategies. Furthermore, Pen creates media kits, proposals, and manages our website as far as making updates, etc. In essence, Pen is a Publicist, Copywriter, Event Planner, Creative Director, Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Casting Director.

Overall, we co-manage projects such as creating content and posting on 8515’s social media accounts, planning events, casting talent for projects, creating proposals, pitching to clients, pitching to the media, and oh so much more. Basically, we collaborate to make the project as successful as possible.

Since Cacha` lives in Baltimore, she oversees all Baltimore based projects whereas Pen oversees all Dallas based projects since she lives in Dallas. This gives us the chance to provide our clients with a full service team and still have a presence in two different cities. So it’s a win/win. We also work with clients outside of Dallas and Baltimore so we co-manage those projects.

In reference to how we communicate and run a business while living on opposite sides of the country, we text, email, FaceTime, have conference calls, etc. Simply put, we use modern technology to help us manage our business. We always know what the other is working on and we believe that communication is the key to making a business run smoothly. In essence, we are avid communicators.

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