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Event Planning: The 8515 Experience

8515 creates original event concepts so that attendees leave feeling inspired, empowered, informed, and entertained. We believe that events offer an opportunity to invite social media savvy consumers, influencers, and tastemakers to experience a brand as well as its products and services.

In essence, we focus on creating a brand experience to maximize engagement, media coverage, and social media buzz. We have produced a variety of events such as Flavor’s Night Out and The Breakfast Club. Previous event sponsors include:  Middle Sister Wines, Durrah Jewellery, Quinque Inc, Mixtina, and Tipsy Scoop.

We plan an array of events such as:

  • Social Events: Dinner parties, galas, brunches, etc.
  • Creative/Lifestyle Events: Fashion shows, art exhibitions, product launches
  • Educational Events: Workshops, seminars, classes
  • Business Events: networking events, meetings, conferences
  • Music Events: Album listening parties, concerts, live shows
  • Food/Drink Events: Brunches, wine tastings, beer samplings, etc.
  • Private Events: Birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, reunions
  • Multicultural Events: Black History Month, Kwanzaa, Hispanic Heritage, etc.

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Consulting: The 8515 Technique

8515 provides consultations to offer clients a customized, strategic approach to accomplishing their goals in business and life. Our consultations consist of a series of one hour sessions designed to help clients build successful businesses and live life to the fullest.

We understand that it takes planning, organization, and motivation to grow a business and we will help you with all of the above. During our consultations you will obtain valuable knowledge and skills to help you move your business forward. Our business consultations include: branding, marketing, public relations, event planning, blogging, and creative direction.

As far as lifestyle consultations, we will assist you in creating the life you have always wanted. Working with us will help you get your life together. We will assist you with finding places to take your boo on a date, how to relocate to a new city, organizing your house, personal styling, and much more.

For the full list of consultations we provide, please see below:

  1. Branding: How To Create A Cohesive Brand Online & Offline
  2. Marketing: How To Create Buzz Online & Offline
  3. Blogging: How to Create Original Content and Collaborate with Brands
  4. Public Relations: How To Land Press Features and Build Relationships with the Media
  5. Creative Direction: How To Create Visual Imagery For Your Brand
  6. Business Development: How To Build and Grow Your Business
  7. Lifestyle: How To Live Loud
  8. Personal Styling: How To Always Look Flyy

Flavor NYC -- Idia 2

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Creative Direction & Styling: The 8515 Look

We are creative souls who understand how to make products and people look as beautiful as they are. Therefore, we offer creative direction and styling to help our clients produce original visual content. We also offer personal styling to assist clients in developing their own unique style.

Since 2010, we have been providing creative direction and styling for marketing and advertising campaigns. We have produced campaigns for Y-Clad, an NYC based luxury brand in addition to collaborating with Samantha Pleet, Cashhimi, and JACHS NY to produce our own original campaign, Flavor NYC.

Recently, we started to offer personal styling and have worked with a variety of millennial and multicultural creative professionals. Currently, we are enrolled in “The Complete Course in Personal Style” with The New York Institute of Art + Design. Upon completion, we will be certified stylists.

We work with a variety of clients such as:

  • Fashion Designers
  • Hair Stylists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Bloggers
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • Professionals (teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc.)



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Marketing: 8515 Style

8515 creates original, creative, chic campaigns that consumers connect with. Our tailor made campaigns deliver results because they are innovative and authentic.

We understand how to position a brand so that consumers see the value in their products and services. We have worked with The Fund Forum of Arts & Culture Uzbekistan, Latin Fashion Week, and Y-Clad.

8515 offers a variety of different marketing services such as:

  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Copywriting

Y-Clad Lover's Lane; Creative Direction, Styling, Production: Cacha and Pen of The Network Photographer/Makeup Artist: Katherine Angelique Model: Penelope Jewelry: Y-Clad Location: Y-Clad's Hidden Gem in NYC

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