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As much as we love talking about ourselves and telling you how great we are…we actually don’t, lol!!! We love what we do but we don’t like to brag or make it seem like we’re perfect. However, we do want people to know that we do dope work.

In essence, we decided to create a testimonial page and give our clients and event attendees the chance to talk about our work. Since these folks have worked with us directly and seen our work in action, their words are truly bond. Check out what they have to say below.


The Pensgiving event put on by the 8515 Agency was so fun and one of the most memorable events, I’ve been to all year! It definitely needs to be an annual thing. It was an awesome production ranging from the variety of food that was both vegan and carnivore friendly, to the 90’s themed music playlist that gave everyone a little nostalgia, and even down to something so simple as a name card, a small personal gesture that made each guest feel special.  

One of my favorite parts of the whole evening, aside from inhaling all the delicious food, was when the host Pen had everyone go around and introduce themselves. It was a cool and unexpected way to realize you were surrounded in a room by young, driven, like-minded individuals of all races and backgrounds.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to Pensgiving 2018!

  • Sarah Ranola, Chef and Pensgiving attendee

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Pensgiving was an incredible experience. If there are two things I like, it’s delicious food and amazing company. Pensgiving provided that and so much more including new connections, tons of belly laughs, and delicious cocktails to boot. It’s still the dead of winter, but here I am looking forward to November because I know that means Pensgiving is right around the corner.

  • Michelle Nelson, Blogger and Pensgiving attendee

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Penny was a pleasure to work with. She styled a last minute shoot for me. Her positive attitude was refreshing. She was able to research my brand and pull from other complementary brands to help create beautiful images. I highly recommend her.

  • Chunte Foster, Designer and Owner of The MuseFeed


LoudPen is a reliable, determined and a super idea machine! She’s knowledgeable in all things digital media, particularly strategy, marketing, and social media, and is also quite hilarious. I never got to work with her directly but I have watched her work and can confirm that she is about her business.

  • Starrene Rhett Rocque, Editorial Consultant | Digital Content Creator | Author | Social Media Editor| Journalist | Copywriter | Blogger
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515 Image by Rocio Yepez
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515
Image by Rocio Yepez

Wow, what can say about Loud Pen that isn’t already a known fact? She’s just a pleasure to work with and really knows how to make a story come to life! I’m always impressed with her diligence and the ultimate quality of the writing pieces she puts out and that’s exactly why I’ll continue to hire her for all my special events. I was supposed to say something that isn’t already known though… oops. #thebestpen = loudpen

  • L.B. Jones, MT at Enterprise Holdings Inc.
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515 Image by Rocio Yepez
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515
Image by Rocio Yepez

Loud Pen has an exquisite sense of style and is a very creative stylist.

  • Duc Nguyen, Photographer at Duc Nguyen Photography
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515  Image by Megan Weaver
LoudPen, Co-Owner of 8515 Image by Megan Weaver


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